Cooking with kids – cheese and tomato puff pastry twists

Cooking with children is really fun and a great learning experience for them- even if you sometimes have to accept you will end up eating things that aren’t perfect!

My daughter is three and loves to stand on a little stool in the kitchen to see what I’m doing and help if she can, so when I decided to make something with puff pastry for lunch one weekend I decided to let her take control.

Together we rolled out part of a puff pastry block on a lightly floured surface then she squeezed out some tomato purée and spread it over the puff pastry with the back of a spoon. At that point she decided she needed to be wearing her apron and chef’s hat so while she went to get them I took the opportunity to spread out the purée a bit more evenly and to grate some cheese.

Rather than sprinkle the cheese across the puff pastry my mini moo dumped it all in the middle so I did encourage her to spread it around a bit, then she lost interest and went off to play with her toys.

I cut the puff pastry into strips and twisted each one up then glazed with beaten egg and baked in the oven at 180C for 15 minutes until the pastry had risen and turned golden brown. Allow to cool a bit (or a lot, for toddlers) before enjoying.

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