Day out with toddlers at Peppa Pig World – What do you need to know?

Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park is a brilliant day out with young children – there is so much for them to do, and I had the best day out there recently with my family – my husband, three year old daughter, my sister and four year old niece. I’m going to tell you my top tips for visiting Peppa Pig World and share my recommendations of things to do – so read on!

Can you meet Peppa and George at Peppa Pig World?

You sure can! What would a trip to Peppa Pig World be without meeting Peppa herself? Peppa and George make appearances a couple of times a day on a small stage by Miss Gazelle’s schoolhouse – times are shown on the app and if I recall, also on a sign in this area. You can easily stop and see the characters, wave to them and take photos, but if you actually want your photo taken with them then you need to queue and we were put off by the fact that it was a pretty long queue. A professional photographer will take your photo (which you can then purchase); I didn’t see if they were allowing people to take their own pictures as well. However, you can’t actually get that close to Peppa and George – possibly due to Covid but I don’t know what they did previously. Children had to stand in front of a fence that runs along the front of the stage/verandah, where Peppa and George are higher up – so not the best photo opportunity in my opinion but of course children will want to meet their favourite characters! Purely by chance while this was happening we were in Mr Potato’s Playground which runs alongside the schoolhouse and the verandah, and my daughter and niece went over to see Peppa. She waved at them and we were able to take our own photo without queuing!

What rides are there in Peppa Pig World for toddlers/ under 5s?

As you can probably imagine, Peppa Pig World is almost entirely aimed at pre-schoolers. There are rides that older children and even adults will enjoy, but most things are of a smaller scale, slower pace and generally much more suitable to under 5s. You can download the Paulton’s Park app either before you go or while you are there, and it allows you to filter rides according to age so you can easily see what is suitable.

There are nine rides in Peppa Pig World (as it is just one section of Paulton’s Park), which doesn’t sound like a lot but we were in that part of the park for a good four hours and only went on five of them! My favourite was Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club and, for the views, the Queen’s Flying Coach Ride (a monorail). My three year old daughter’s favourite was Miss Rabbit’s helicopter ride, which is basically a slow-moving big wheel – I thought she might be scared to go so high up but she absolutely loved it! There is also Mr Potato’s Playground for a nice change when they want to run around a bit and you’ve had enough of queuing, and a Muddy Puddles splash area, which we didn’t go in. Don’t get this confused with the main splash park at Paulton’s Park called Water Kingdom, which is far bigger – unfortunately we never even made it over to that side of the park though! There is an indoor play area in Peppa Pig World too but that was closed during our visit due to Covid.

You can also see scenes from the show inside Grandpa Pig’s house, Miss Gazelle’s school room and so on, where there are static models of the characters and you can pose for photos – it makes a nice change of pace for little ones than going on the rides.

Can you get cheap tickets for Peppa Pig World?

Unfortunately not. They don’t do the same sort of 2-for-1 that you often get at Merlin-owned attractions (e.g. Chessington or Legoland) and I’ve never come across any special offers. You can save a few quid by booking online – nearly £8 per person which is worth doing – but there’s not much saving from buying a family ticket (more like £1 per person on top of the online discount).

We went in June 2021 and I felt that booking online in advance was a good idea given there are still coronavirus restrictions in place, in case there were limited numbers available. The website lets you see on any given date if tickets are still plentiful, ‘selling fast’, have only a few left or are sold out. I also wanted to save the extra money, and we had taken a day off work so were going to go on that specific date. However, it’s worth knowing that once you book, there are no refunds and you can’t change the date unless you pay a £20 fee (I’m not sure if that is per ticket).

You can book a short break via the Paulton’s Park website, which gives you a second day in the park free, and a night’s accommodation nearby. However the prices for the dates we wanted to go were about £250 upwards – which is about the same as buying tickets for the park for two days for a family of three so in a way it’s the accommodation that works out free if you want two days in the park. We live close enough that we can drive there and back in a day and I didn’t really want to spend that much for two days in the park – as I was paying for my sister and niece’s tickets as well – but there was so much that we didn’t get to do, that I almost wish we did have a second day now! It’s worth bearing in mind however that unlike resorts like Legoland and Chessington, the hotels are not on site and you are more likely to get something like a Travelodge 20 minutes drive away.

What are queuing times like at Peppa Pig World?

The queues were not too bad at all, but we did visit Paulton’s Park and Peppa Pig World on a weekday in term time when the weather was forecast to be rainy (though luckily it was fine). I recommend downloading the app as you can see queuing times for each ride. There is also a big display in the middle of Peppa Pig World showing queuing times and at least some of the rides have their own screens showing times. We didn’t get to Peppa Pig World until after lunch after spending an hour in other parts of Paulton’s Park on the way. If you just want to do Peppa Pig, then head straight there as soon as the park opens – but good luck walking past the other rides with small children and telling them they can’t go on them! We found most of the rides in Peppa Pig World had a 15-20 minute queue which went quite quickly as we were moving the whole time, and we avoided the rides that had a 35 or in one case 40 minute queue. Around 4pm the queues had gone right down and most rides were about five minutes’ wait or in other cases we were able to get straight on.

How big is Peppa Pig World?

Peppa Pig World is an area within Paulton’s Park which from looking at the free map we were given takes up about a quarter of the park (though some of the area is ornamental gardens, it’s not all rides). It’s not right by the entrance so we walked through some of the main Paulton’s Park to get there, and went on four rides on the way and then stopped for some lunch, so by the time we arrived at Peppa Pig World it was already about 1pm. We stayed in that section for four hours and probably only went on about half the rides there – not because queuing times were particularly long but because there really is a lot to do.

As well as the rides there are houses you can go inside and look at the characters (fixed models) and take photos with them, like Grandpa Pig’s house and Miss Gazelle’s schoolhouse, and there’s a play area with lots of climbing frames and slides. There’s also a muddy puddles area with fountains which children can splash in (take wellies or go barefoot if it’s hot, and don’t forget a change of clothes as children will get soaked!)- not to be confused with the main splash park area which is elsewhere in Paulton’s Park. We didn’t even make it as far as seeing that and it’s something I’d like to do if we went again!

What happens if I go to Peppa Pig World and the weather is bad?

Unlike some other parks that offer a wet weather guarantee where you can return within a certain period or get a partial refund if rides are closed in heavy rain or bad weather, Peppa Pig World won’t make any concessions for rain. A few days before we were due to go the weather forecast showed thunderstorms, and I was quite worried as I wasn’t sure what it would be like in the rain. Most of the park is outdoors; there are some indoor areas but the indoor soft play is currently closed due to Covid, so aside from taking raincoats and a towel to sit on if rides were wet, I was a bit worried the day would be a disaster. But we got lucky – it rained on our way there (it should have been a 1 hour 40 journey and took nearer 2 hours 20), and we experienced a thunderstorm on the motorway home just after we’d left, but it was dry and overcast – and even a bit sunny at times – while we were there.

Can you get a bacon sandwich at Peppa Pig World?

This was my husband’s question and unsurprisingly the answer is no – but there is a small outdoor café outside the main entrance to Paulton’s Park (just after you come out of the car park) that was adverting bacon rolls – let’s hope children don’t make the link between that and Peppa!

What else is there to do at Paulton’s Park for under 5s?

Paulton’s Park is so much more than Peppa Pig World. It is divided into zones called Tornado Springs, Lost Kingdom, Critter Creek and Little Africa. We walked through Tornado Springs to get to Peppa Pig World and went on a few of the rides but didn’t even see the other areas of the park! The website and app will help you to decide which rides you want to go on, and which are suitable for younger children. My three year old daughter and four year old niece had a great time at Al’s Auto Academy where they were able to drive little battery-operated cars; children must be over 0.8 metres to go on this and under 6s need to be accompanied by an adult, who has to control the pedals while the child steers. You drive around the marked roads following set routes and the children can even get their own driving licence at the end – but be warned this is quite expensive at £12 each or £20 for two.

We also went on the Victorian carousel twice – the horses (which my daughter insisted was a unicorn) actually have seatbelts so I stood next to my daughter while she rode (no standing is allowed on the top deck but you can stand on the lower part if you are looking after a child who is riding, and it doesn’t move fast enough that you will fall over!) but she was perfectly secure in the saddle. The viking dragon boat ride was the first one we went on, where my sister and I sat with our children in a viking boat that went around in a circle on water; it was a nice easy ride to begin our day with. We also went on the tea cups near the picnic area, which spin a bit faster, but were still suitable for small children.

Is Peppa Pig World a good day out with toddlers?

We had a brilliant time at Peppa Pig World and I wish we had had time to see more of Paulton’s Park, so I think at some point we will definitely be back!

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