Baking with kids: Davina’s cheesy apple savoury scones

I’ve done quite a lot of cupcake baking with my three year old, and we have made savoury dishes like pizza, but haven’t yet made scones – which are a real basic staple so it was about time!

I used a recipe from Davina McCall’s Sugar Free in a Hurry which is full of quick and fuss free sugar free recipes. 

Follow this link to see the recipe.

Personally I couldn’t taste the apple and would add a lot more if I made this again, though would have to experiment with the consistency of the dough to make sure it wasn’t too wet. I also used extra nature cheddar and even then think it could have used a bit more. The scones turned out well though and I would definitely make some sort of savoury scones again using this recipe as a basis and maybe playing around a bit with the different flavours.

But in terms of a baking activity with my daughter it was a resounding success. I had to help mix the dough as it was very stiff but she enjoyed helping and loved rolling the dough and cutting out the circles using a little fluted cutter. She enjoyed eating the scones with butter as well!

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