Children’s birthday cakes – Unicorn cake

This is a relatively easy way to make a unicorn cake as most of the work is done for you by the cake pan, and it’s really easy to decorate. The trickiest part for me was working out what quantity of cake batter I needed to fill it! The pan is a silicon pan in the shape of a unicorn head, that I bought from Ebay – it appears to be the standard size for such pans. Kitchencraft and Wilton also make them in metal but I find silicon bakeware takes up a lot less storage space so I tend to prefer it these days now that my cupboards are heaving!

After a bit of research I found a chocolate cake recipe from the BBC that gave the right quantity of batter to fill the mould.

When it came to decorating I covered the cake in chocolate buttercream then white ready-to-roll fondant and used different coloured buttercream to pipe the mane. The photo has come out a lot darker so the colours were much brighter in real life.

It was quite a simple cake to do and didn’t take too long, and given we weren’t able to see any family as we were in lockdown over my daughter’s 3rd birthday, we didn’t need a particularly big or elaborate cake. But it’s a sufficiently stand-out design that I’m sure any child would love it for their birthday!

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