Valentine’s Day Tea Party and Treats for Children

When we were in lockdown last year I tried to think of as many different things as possible to brighten our days and celebrate the small things. So when it was Valentine’s Day I decided to go all out – even though we couldn’t actually go out.

I did a few Valentine’s crafts with my daughter who was then two (almost three) – see below –

and we enjoyed a special Valentine’s afternoon tea. This is something that is easy to do, and children love a tea party!

To make it seem a bit more special, add in a few props – like a pink tablecloth, heart table confetti, Valentine’s themed paper napkins, and getting out the cake stand if you have one. You can also get Valentine’s themed paper plates and cups, though I try not to use disposable tableware where possible and have got some white china heart-shaped plates that I always get out at this time of year.

And for the food itself – all the supermarkets have Valentine’s themed food. I don’t mean the M&S ‘dine in for two’ meal deals but instead the sort of thing children will appreciate, like:

– heart-shaped crumpets

– mini pink meringues

– pink Angel Delight 

– strawberries

– raspberries

A heart-shaped cookie cutter (or better still, a few in various sizes) will be your best friend. Snacks that work well cut out in heart shapes include

– sandwiches – to go with the pink/ red theme, you can fill them with jam or ham

– cucumber

– cheese

– fruit that you can slice thinly then cut out a heart, e.g. apple, kiwi

I bought some mini cupcakes and scones which went down well, and also made a few treats of my own:

– mini breadsticks with the ends dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with heart-shaped sprinkles

– frozen yogurt unicorns – I had some leftover strawberry yogurt and froze it in a silicon chocolate mould shaped like little unicorn heads, and added some heart shaped sprinkles.

These pictures are from last year; we are having another Valentine’s tea party this year and of course doing some more crafts!

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