Crafting with Kids: Valentine’s Heart Suncatchers

Here’s a fun Valentine’s craft activity you can do with children where they will need adult help at the start and end but can go to town by themselves in the middle. And you have some pretty valentines decorations you can use again next year or something you can give away as a handmade gift.

This came from a blog called Happiness is Homemade – this post is not to claim the idea but simply to show you what we did.

You need

Pink or red card

Clear sticky-backed plastic (the kind you get on a roll for covering the front of textbooks etc) Scissors Tissue paper in valentines colours – we used red and yellow as it’s what I already had in our craft stash Glitter (optional!)

Start by cutting out a heart shaped from the cardboard – as large as possible. I folded a sheet of A4 card in half and cut out half a heart and opened it up to get a full heart shape. Then you need to cut out the middle, so fold the heart in half and cut out another heart a couple of centimetres from the edge, so when you open it up you have basically a heart shaped frame.

You can then use the solid heart that is left to do the same again and again – I got three heart frames out of one sheet of A4 card.

Lay one heart on sticky backed plastic and cut a piece off; peel off the backing so your heart has a sticky surface. I had to do the craft up to this stage but my daughter was interested watching; then she could cut or tear pieces of coloured tissue paper and decorate the inside of the heart shape. For the final touch she sprinkled over some red glitter.

To finish the heart, stick another piece of sticky backed plastic over the top to seal the tissue paper and glitter in. Cut around the heart to give you a laminated heart that you can then stick in your window or hang up as a sun catcher.

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