Little Fawn Box subscription box review

I’ve discovered a love of subscription boxes recently – even though you can often source the contents separately for less, there’s something I really enjoy in receiving something especially curated with thought. And sometimes they contain items you actually couldn’t find easily anywhere else. But the best thing might be when a little present arrives through the letterbox, even if it’s something you’ve paid for yourself!

I spotted an advert for Little Fawn Box and decided to treat myself for a couple of months. What particularly attracted me to this product was the fact that it’s aimed at both parents (mums, really) and each month there are some items for you and some for your child. You also get to specify the age of your child to make sure you receive appropriate items – they cater for up to three years old.

The boxes are £12.99 a month plus £2.99 shipping, so actually £15.98, and there is a very small discount for subscribing for a longer period but not enough to be worth it if you aren’t sure how long you want the service – a six month subscription saves you less than a pound a month on the regular price. The contents of the box are apparently worth about £30 or more every time so in that sense it is good value providing you will actually use or like the products. There are also sometimes offers to get your first box for a lower price – I paid £5.99 plus £2.99 postage for my first one, so it’s worth keeping an eye on their website or Facebook page if you are interested.

It’s clear from the two boxes I received that a lot of thought and attention had gone into the products but both times I found I preferred the items for children much more than the ones for me!

What do you get inside a Little Fawn Box subscription box?

In the first box I ordered, I found the following items:

For Sophie:

  • A wooden ocean babies puzzle in a nice box, for age 2 plus
  • A touch and feel book called Goodnight my Honey Bunny
  • A card with a picture of a teepee saying ‘little adventurer’

For me:

  • Tribe nature bombs protein balls in chocolate and peanut butter flavour
  • Oh-k gently warming facial steam mask
  • Two sample-size sachets of face serum
  • Luna by Luna eyeshadow in peach.

My thoughts were: the protein balls were quite nice though not something I’d probably buy again. The face serum was good but I haven’t used the face mask yet despite having it for two months now. It says you can use in the shower as well as the bath, which I thought was good as I love baths but since having a child getting on for three years ago I’ve probably had about three baths. But it also says to leave on for 20 minutes and what parent of a toddler has time for a 20 minute shower? So it’s a nice idea but not one that I can really use. Finally, I was quite disappointed by the eyeshadow – I hardly ever wear makeup anyway and when I do, eyeshadow is bottom of the list – and I don’t know if peach is a fashionable colour at the moment but to me it seems a bit dated and isn’t a colour I would choose.

However, I absolutely loved the items for my daughter. The puzzle looked really nice and it was nice to see one for age 2+ when most are from 3 and a bit too hard for her still.

The book was my favourite – a really beautiful book about woodland animals going to sleep, with furry things to touch and some lovely gentle sounds. My daughter loved it and we had it as her bedtime story a few nights in a row. I wasn’t sure if the card was intended as a picture for her to colour in but I really liked it anyway.

The book alone is normally £9.99 (currently £7.74 on Amazon) so worth more than the £9 I paid for my first box anyway, but the key point is that I hadn’t heard of this book and would never have come across it myself if it weren’t for this curated box – and the same can be said of the puzzle.

So I decided to continue my subscription for a second month. This time I received:

For Sophie:

  • A book called By the light of the moon. This is a lovely sweet bedtime story with beautiful illustrations, in a good quality board book, but unlike the last one there are no sounds or things to touch so I don’t think it will be quite as popular with my daughter; nevertheless it is very nice.
  • A mouse glove puppet – by the Puppet Company. A cute colourful mouse (yellow, orange and pink!) that is suitable from birth, but I think that my daughter will still like it.
  • A packet of ‘mighty melts’ (freeze dried pieces of fruit, basically) by Piccolo – we’ve had similar things before but not this brand, so I know she will like this
  • Two sachets of gentle eyelid wipes by Aqua Wipes. These are for using on baby’s eyelids and eyelashes if they are crusty for instance – so something I’d probably keep in the cupboard rather than use every day now my daughter is a bit older, but I can see how a pack of these would be useful for a newborn baby.

For me:

  • Organic facial moisturiser by a company called Skinfed, with what looks like recyclable packaging – with an RRP of £16 so worth more than I paid for the whole box
  • A small packet of mini marshmallows from Boka Food – sugar free and will go a treat in a mug of hot chocolate
  • Pink fluffy key ring by Carpe Diem

I liked the contents of the box on the whole – for Sophie, I thought the puppet was fun and something I wouldn’t have thought to buy (though she does have a couple of glove puppets already), though the book isn’t as nice as the one in the previous box. For me, the facial moisturiser will be a real treat (I don’t usually spend that much on face cream) and more useful than the face mask and eyeshadow in the last box, but the keyring isn’t really me.

I do really like these boxes and think they would make a lovely gift (as well as subscriptions, you can buy one off boxes) or something to treat yourself and your child.

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