Handprint Snowman Christmas Bauble

I wasn’t intending to do any more posts about Christmas crafts but this one is so good I couldn’t resist. Again it’s an idea I saw online in several places so there isn’t a specific one I was inspired by. It makes a lovely keepsake gift and one that is particularly good for this locked down year, as you can send it to family you aren’t going to see.

All you need are Christmas baubles, white paint and a black marker pen. You can buy plain baubles to decorate but this ideally needs a coloured background, so you could either paint a bauble first, or just use a regular (shatterproof) one from your Christmas tree. That actually makes it a lot cheaper as you can easily buy a dozen baubles for a couple of quid, or use some you already have!

The baubles do need to be matt rather than shiny or this doesn’t work as well, and dark colours work better than pale.

You need some non toxic white paint – I actually used a slightly silvery white with a hint of sparkle from this Christmas paint set by Hobbycraft but you can use simple white paint too. Squeeze a little into a small pot and using a paint brush or clean sponge, paint your child’s hand.

I actually got my daughter to practice holding the bauble first, so we would get the fingerprints just where we want it – ask them to hold out their hand and place the bauble with the string or cap at the top and then get them to carefully curl their fingers around the bauble and release.

We got pretty much a perfect handprint, and made a few before cleaning up.

Place the baubles somewhere to dry – I used an empty egg carton as this kept the painted side at the top from touching anything else.

When the paint is dry, using a black marker pen draw on hats, faces and buttons to make the white fingerprints into snowmen. You can also use an orange marker to draw on a carrot nose if there is room!

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