Pink Coco Pops strawberry and white chocolate crispy cakes

Kellogg’s has recently launched strawberry and white chocolate flavour coco pops which are pink and turn the milk on your breakfast cereal pink – no doubt to be popular with children! But as I love baking my first thought was what can you make with pink coco pops?

Since I got them a couple of days before my daughter’s third birthday I had the perfect idea – unicorn poo! Or rather, the equivalent of chocolate Rice Krispie cakes, but using the pink coco pops and white chocolate (and a little golden syrup). They are so easy to make and something that children can make with you or even by themselves.

Melt 100g white chocolate and mix with 200g strawberry and white chocolate coco pops – you can always add a little more cereal if the mixture looks too ‘wet’. I added two tablespoons of golden syrup as well.

Spoon into paper cupcake cases and then decorate however you like – I used mini white chocolate stars as I figure unicorns must poop stars, right? Or maybe edible glitter would have been good!

Leave in the fridge to set for a couple of hours then enjoy!

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