Easy Easter craft kits for toddlers

It’s nearly Easter, which as well as chocolate eggs means… more crafts!

I had been saving egg boxes to make daffodils with my three year old but am conscious that she still prefers crafts we can do in one sitting, that is without having to wait for paint to dry first. I’m also in the process of reorganising my craft supplies from a series of cardboard boxes and carrier bags in the garage to this little beauty, which I bought from vonhaus.com.

So for convenience I grabbed a few ready made craft kits I bought a little while ago. Top tip: always plan ahead as shops often sell out of seasonal craft items if you leave it too late!

I love reusing things from around the house like egg boxes and there are a lot of crafts you can make from very cheap materials like paper plates and toilet roll tubes. You can also get big packs of mixed craft items from places like The Works, which is one of my favourite shops for craft things and other bits and bobs.

I also highly recommend Baker Ross – they are a bit more expensive but have some lovely craft kits where almost everything you need is provided. They do basics – such as big packs of stickers and paints – through to easy craft kits for toddlers to activities for older children like painting a ceramic money box or making a mosaic bead picture. They often have sales on so I try to pick up the kits when they are reduced.

Most of their kits are multipacks so if one is priced £4.95 for instance there might be four things to make – usually slight variations on the same design. So these are good to split between children, or make one or two and put the rest of the pack away for another time (even next year!). 

The white decorative twig tree I bought just before Valentine’s Day has come in handy again to display all our items! Here you can see a selection of foam bunnies, called a mix and match decoration kit, where all the elements to dress them up and make their faces, ears, paws etc were provided along with a ribbon to hang them up. Each piece is sticky with an easy to peel off back so my three year old was able to do these on her own, apart from knotting the ribbon to hang them, and really enjoyed it. These were £4.95 for 8 and I think we made five or six in one go.

The larger bunny (and chick – not in photo0 are wreaths where all you have to do is stick the Easter egg stickers around the wreath and then use the ribbon provided to hang the carrot for the bunny and the hatched egg for the chicken in the centre. These only came as a pack of two and look really nice but as they were so quick to make I don’t think they were such good value for money as the bunnies.

Finally we had a set of round baubles with all the elements to turn them into bunny faces (the Easter bunny bauble kit). Everything apart from the nose and the bow on top were peel off stickers so these were easy, but I tried several times to glue the pom pom nose on with my own glue only to find it kept falling off and in the end used a Scotch adhesive glue dot. These were also a little more fiddly to make for my three year old so she lost interest after making one – so I will keep the rest of the kit until next year! These are currently reduced to £2.99 for a pack of six.

This next idea came from my sister, it can be either a cloud or a sheep (the latter ideal for Easter), or even a smoke monster – anything you like! We had a pre-drawn shape of a cloud on a piece of card and my daughter glued cotton wool balls to fill the shape, which she seemed to enjoy – and it’s good practice for gluing things and keeping within the lines! We drew a face and legs to make it into a sheep.

We also made some Easter cards of course – my daughter loves stickers so I gave her a couple of packs of Easter stickers and some blank cards (including some rabbit shape cards I had in my own craft stash from years ago) and she really enjoyed making these – and her grandparents enjoyed receiving one!

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