Pumpkin picking at Naturally Thinking Farm, Wallington

When we went pumpkin picking a couple of years ago the nearest place I could find was about a 35 minute drive; it was good if you want somewhere with props for photos and so on – it was really muddy so I pushed Sophie who was then two and a half, around in a wheelbarrow. 

We didn’t go pumpkin picking last year and I wasn’t sure whether to do it this year or not and hadn’t booked anywhere – but then I saw a new place had opened just a few minutes up the road!

Naturally Thinking Farm in Wallington grows lavender in summer, pumpkins in autumn and a wide variety of herbs and botanicals – over 100- that they use in their beauty products. 

Entry is free with free parking and it’s not a big commercialised place with props for photo opportunities, but I didn’t feel that we needed that. The main field isn’t particularly big compared to Tulleys (though they grow four acres of pumpkins in total) but there is still plenty of choice to pick your pumpkin, and beautiful views across the other fields. There’s a cafe though we didn’t stop to have anything to eat or drink, and a shop selling their skincare products – including some fill-your-own zero waste stations for shower gel. The shop is also where you pay for your pumpkin – they were priced £3, £5 and £8 for small, large and extra large.

There were a couple of wheelbarrows we quickly borrowed for a photo opportunity, I don’t know if that’s what they were there for or not – and the highlight for me was meeting a very friendly cat in the pumpkin field. I don’t know if he belonged to the farm or the houses just behind but he/she was very cute!

The member of staff (possibly owner) who I spoke to in the shop was very pleasant, talking to me about the botanicals they grow. I think the farm is a really lovely addition to the Wallington area and it’s great to have somewhere close by we can go pumpkin picking – so I’m sure we will go back! 

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