Halloween at Flittons nursery and Bounce at the Barn

We have been to Bounce at the Barn many times now – the soft play and bouncy castle area at Flittons nursery (in the garden centre sense not childcare) in Wallington.

They do a lot of special events from character visits – Elsa, or Jingles the Elf at Christmas – to pottery painting sessions and they have gone all out this year at Halloween with several events and a pumpkin patch.

We went to A Wicked Encounter with Winnie the Witch at Bounce at the Barn, which involved a one-hour visit from Winnie and then the opportunity to play for another hour and a half. Sophie, age four and a half, really enjoyed it – she loves the bouncy castles and soft play here and was a big fan of Winnie, even running over to give her a hug. Winnie was there from 10-11 but spent the first 15 minutes greeting the children as they arrived and giving them glitter tattoos, so Sophie got her tattoo and ran off to play; I thought this was a bit of a shame as while Winnie was there for an hour, each child’s glitter tattoo only took a minute, so in effect Sophie got to spend 45 minutes with her.

The 45 minutes were a mixture of games, ranging from musical statues to wrapping someone in toilet paper to make a mummy; limbo dancing under a broomstick and more. Sophie enjoyed the games and afterwards was chatting away about Winnie and what she had said to her. At £16.95 the event wasn’t cheap, even though Sophie could then bounce for another hour and a half and she made full use of that time – we were the last to leave!

Flittons has also got an area perfect for photo opportunities filled with pumpkins, hay bales to sit on and Halloween decorations, which is a really nice idea – you can buy pumpkins, and while they aren’t in a field, it’s still a better experience than buying one in a supermarket and they were very reasonably priced. And of course we did take some photos as well!

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